22nd October 2015


Refugees Aid Barcelona – TimeOut Barcelona

The drama of the refugees are shaking Europe with many humanitarian activities being carried out. In our country, one of the most interesting is the ‘Aid Refugees Barcelona’. (…) The idea is that donations are made ​​directly from person to person. And directly in the refugee camps of Kos, Lesvos, Thessaloniki, where more than 30,000 people waiting for humanitarian aid. These are some of the most populated refugee camps in Greece, full of families who leave their country in the hope of finding a better future, away from the war.


TimeOut Boxes

‘Refugees Aid Barcelona could expand and now have 10 points of contribution in the city of Barcelona, ​​all coordinated by volunteers. They have received more than 500 boxes of donations from citizens and are already in the main districts of the city. All this in just one week!

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Berga – TV3

 A group of volunteers in Berga has self-organized to collect humanitarian aid for refugees and to support Refugees Aid Barcelona cause.

The Youth Group of the district of Santa Eulalia has collected about 1,000 boxes of clothes and material necessities for children and babies.



Thank you Berga.

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Refugees Aid Barcelona – Wallapop

¿Qué es Wallapop Help Point?

Se trata de una campaña solidaria promocionada por Wallapop en colaboración con Refugees AID Barcelona y que se plantea para ayudar a los refugiados que están llegando al este de Europa en busca de una vida mejor.



¿Qué hará Wallapop?

Wallapop, en colaboración con Refugees AID Barcelona, se encargará de coordinar los voluntarios, recoger y empaquetar las donaciones y enviarlas a los lugares donde sea necesario. Y cargará con los costes logísticos.


¿Por qué colaboramos en esta causa?
La Guerra de Siria ha obligado a abandonar sus hogares a millones de personas y centenares de miles de personas llegan a Europa sin nada en busca de prosperidad. Wallapop quiere poner su granito de arena y ayudar a minimizar esta crisis humanitaria.

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Refugees Aid Barcelona – La Columna

Consell de Cent 394 is crowded than ever during these days …

The number corresponds to the Co-working space Transforma Barcelona, right in front of the newspaper of ‘El Periódico’ where people are now gathering for a humanitarian cause.

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The four days of call have been an absolute success. 
Thank you Wallapop and all the generosity of the great people of Barcelona.


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Refugees Aid Barcelona – El Diario

Boxes of solidarity overflow a citizens’ initiative to support refugees

Refugees Aid Barcelona

Refugees Aid Barcelona / ANNA-GIRALT

In just twenty days 3,000 boxes filled with clothes, blankets and hygiene items were gathered, the challenge now is how to send it to Greece, the first destination, that is urgent need of help.

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