17th April 2016

Mission and Values

  • Mission and Values

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By raising awareness locally (in Spain), to connect donors and volunteers with refugees in need, either directly or through partnerships with other non-profit organisations, and to provide a flexible, timely response to evolving refugee needs both in Spain and overseas.



A two way process – gathering information from sources on the ground and disseminating it to our audiences (donors; volunteers; opinion makers; media; refugees in BCN) and collecting feedback on our activities and related issues.


To involve the local community ant to raise awareness as well as to recruit donors and volunteers.


Another two-way process – we create relationships with partner organisations who can support us with money and resources and we work closely with volunteer organisations on the ground to support their work with refugees.


We ensure that everyone is competent to undertake the tasks assigned to them, and we work to reach high standards of efficiency and consistency.


In relation to our audiences, ourselves, our volunteers and our partner organisations.


To recruit and develop teams for each functional area, invest in each individual and foster a spirit of collaboration and respect both within and between teams.


At all times we remain true to our core values and show respect for all.


Refugees Aid is open to all, an inclusive organisation both with regards to the people we help as well as with all the volunteers that we recruit. “We value difference”.


We maintain a policy of freedom of information in relation to all aspects of our operations (except where our legal obligations require us to maintain confidentiality).