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We seem to live in a world obsessed with building walls and reinforcing borders. A common fear of our own safety and security has led, this week, to the remarkable elevation of Donald Trump to one of the most powerful positions in the world. Donald Trump, a man who won over vast support on the promise of building an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall”.

Everywhere we look, we see the separation of ‘us’ and ‘them’ – whether it be on the border of Calais, where thousands of refugees have waited in a hostile environment for Britain to open its doors, or Munich, where a physical wall has been built around a hostel hosting 160 immigrant minors to protect against noise and contact.

For the most vulnerable, forced to leave their homes due to conflict, poverty and environmental degradation, the walls do not stop once they have reached their final destination. Poverty, language barriers and refugee status blocks integration, prevents access to opportunity, and makes the most vulnerable targets of exploitation.

Such is the case in Turkey, for example, where it is illegal to work if you have refugee status. This forces many parents to send their children to work for unscrupulous employers, who recruit child labour because they can pay less and force the children to work longer hours

Thankfully, there are thousands of wonderful projects around the world working at a grassroots level to support integration and help break down those walls – and RefugeesAidBCN is currently supporting one of them.

Schooling for Syrian Refugee Kids

Schooling for Syrian Refugee Kids, Source: Al Nokhba School

Access to education is a Human Right. Its absence segregates, deepens inequality and traps the most vulnerable in cycles of poverty. Al Nokhba is a school in Istanbul that provides access to education for 400 refugees. The school provides invaluable education for marginalised children otherwise unable to access any and, in doing so, helps break the vicious cycle of social exclusion, poverty, criminality, the radicalisation of the young people, and – most importantly – the avoidance of child marriage in the case of the girls.

The school has space for an extra 200 children, but not the funds. This is where you come in…

Working with One Light Global, RefugeesAidBCN is raising money to help fund the extra places. We’ve been set the task of raising €16,000, enough to fund 80 places for a year. Once raised, this money will be sent to Gabriel Hureau, an aid worker from Caravana Solidaria, to safely and reliably distribute the funds to Al Nokhbar.

With everyone’s generous support, we’ve already raised €820 of our €16,000 goal!

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With one month of schooling costing only €25, no contribution is too small.

Help raise awareness of this important cause by sharing our campaign with your friends and families, local groups, and on social media.

In supporting this cause you will be contributing to the quality of life of an individual. You’ll provide help to one of the many projects working to break down walls at a local level and, in doing so, you’ll be joining the bigger, global movement of people saying “No More Walls!”