There are no borders to an open heart

What we do

We welcome everyone as part of the family

We respond to the demands of areas in crisis by selectively collecting the materials in need. We rely on the generosity of people like you.
How can you help?


You can buy the items in need directly from our amazon wish list. They will be sent to refugees living in precarious conditions.
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A welcoming hosting society is pivotal for a smooth integration process. We give talks, interviews, masterclasses, among other initiatives to spread the love in our community.
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We organize and participate in a wide range of socio-cultural events. The aim is to bring together moments of joy with social responsibility.
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Why we do it

Let’s give it our all
We provide essential goods to refugees all over the world and raise awareness on our community.

The number of people fleeing violence and danger in countries like Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and Afghanistan is increasing every day.

European camps are full of refugees seeking asylum in European Union countries.

Organisations work in these camps, receiving, sorting and distributing goods equally.

Our mission is to coordinate with these organisations, matching your generosity to the needs of people in these camps.

We research the demand, we gather the donated items, we source delivery partnerships and we ensure that the goods reach their final destination.

Then we start all over again. Simple as that.

  • Child refugees

    More than half (51%) of the world's refugees are children.

  • Host - Developing countries

    86% of world's refugees are hosted by developing countries.

  • Origins

    53% of the world's refugees are from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia alone.

  • Deaths crossing the Mediterranean Sea

    Reportedly, 3770 people died in 2015 crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


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